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Establishing a “true north star” is vital to set up product teams for success. It creates ownership and a shared purpose. This helps teams navigate trade-offs, prioritize ideas, make decisions and improve their way of working.

Business Value

Successful product teams understand the business context. Together with our clients, we define a mission and objectives that are not only inspiring and ambitious, but also allow teams to check whether the product is moving in the right direction.

Customer success
Business value

Customer success

It's not enough to understand the business context. Who will ultimately use the product? What are their needs, their frustrations? What do they get out of it and what does their 'journey' look like? High-performing product teams understand that success comes from reconciling business ambitions with those of the customer.

North star
Customer success

North star

The north star marries customer success and business value. It answers the question: “If your product is ultimately successful, what value does it create?” It is not a detailed description of your final product, but an ambitious mission statement that a team can rally around.

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