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What cannot evolve,
is already dead

In short

Quality is about more than UX and it's definitely about
more than testing. Quality is about internalizing the
ability to change.


Digital products are often judged by their design and UX, and for good reason: it is key in attracting, retaining, and engaging users. But quality aspects that are less visible towards end-users, are just as important.

Below the waterline

Below the waterline

Aspects such as clean architecture, clean code, continuous integration & deployment, test automation, evolutionary architecture, and controlling technical debt, are key in creating successful digital products. To have a shot at thriving in the long term, the codebase must be able to evolve almost effortlessly.

Technical debt
Below the waterline

Technical debt

There may be good reasons for a product to temporarily incur technical debt. If so, this must always be a conscious decision with regard for the business impact and 2nd order effects on continuity. In the words of Robert C. Martin: “The only way to go fast, is to go well.”

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