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About us

Over the years, we developed more than 500 applications for clients such as Barco, Telenet and BMW. Every day millions of people use our products to pay, travel, work or read the news.

A new generation

A dedicated team

We're a team of 150 engineers, product designers, data scientists and strategists with a passion to create digital products that make people happy and businesses grow.

Launched in 2010 as a mobile agency, we quickly shifted to become Belgium’s finest Digital Product Studio. From strategy to product launch and beyond, we work in strategic partnerships with companies that take their digital future seriously.

Our greatest asset are the people working at In The Pocket and the way they’re empowering each other. Without them, we wouldn’t even exist.

Serious about your digital future

In The Pocket represents a new generation. We’re not management consultants, we’re not niche players and we’re not a traditional IT-company. Instead, we’re always searching for the best value proposition we can offer to companies that are serious about their digital future.

By joining forces with us, you experience the full power of digital. We navigate you towards growth through playbooks for successful delivery, proven methodologies and the talent of genuinely smart and dedicated people.

Our offices

Home is where we want to be - and we're lucky to be able to call these places our home.

Ready to tackle your digital challenge together?