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In The Pocket represents a new generation of digital services. We are a complete delivery organization that can design and deliver digital products and platforms from end to end. We can also support your digital roadmap in the area’s of ML, Strategy, Architecture, Software Engineering and UX.

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Working with In The Pocket means collaborating with a high-performing, multidisciplinary team that is eager to deliver value from the very first day. Our hand-picked teams rigorously cling to our product development principles, yet remain agile and autonomous enough to adapt to your specific challenges.

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Our proven methodologies

We want you to benefit from our proven methodologies to navigate you towards growth. Our playbook for successful delivery and the talent of our genuinely smart and dedicated people will get you there.

Studio Culture

While we embrace and encourage remote work, we believe that our studios still play an important role in our culture and our performance. In these offices, the teams work at least a couple of days per week. This promotes coaching opportunities, friendship, knowledge sharing and cross-team collaborations.

A platform for exceptional careers

Digital is a people business. That’s why In The Pocket puts talent first in every step of its growth. We select, train and coach the most promising individuals that apply with us. And we give a lot of focus to nurturing those careers. We love to see people flourish and move across our organisation by learning new skills or accepting new responsibilities.

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