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We use cutting edge technologies that grow business

In The Pocket is your trusted partner to build best-in-class digital products and platforms. Since our launch in 2010, we developed consumer apps, video platforms, payment solutions, enterprise software, cloud solutions and much more. 


What does our Digital Product Studio stand for? First and foremost, we are the dream partner for companies that want to ship digital products or platforms they won’t or can’t create in-house. We juggle powerful and emerging technologies and provide an end-to-end service going from the business opportunity to launching and growing your product or platform.

But beyond this rather technical promise, In The Pocket is also a place where talent thrives and performs at its best. The studio is fertile ground for cross-functional agile teams, for digital careers, and for that creative, entrepreneurial spark. We put every brain cell in the company and every best practice in the industry to work in order to become reliably great at shipping digital platforms and delivering nothing less than actual business value.

In The Pocket conforms to the ISO 27001 standard, an international standard for Information Security management. This means our organisation shows clear, objective proof of our commitment to continued improvement of control over sensitive and confidential information. This provides reassurance to our customers that we have expert control over risk management and data security.

We’re experts in technology. Thanks to our knowledge, we help our clients to reach their business goals while making people happy.

Design &
engineering vision

Defining a great product and choosing the right platforms and technologies is what we do. Achieving business goals and making users happy is where we make the difference.

Inside engineering

We’re experts in multiple technologies and programming languages, and are often the firsts to experiment with new tools.