Empowering business growth with bleeding-edge technologies.

Enabling Teams

Our Enabling Teams are our compass, guiding product teams with the right tools and experience to meet precise quality attribute requirements. This ensures that every team across ITP can seamlessly tap into our wealth of expertise in areas such as SRE, Quality, and Security, unlocking their full potential.

Machine learning & AI

  • OpenAI (on Azure)
  • Tensorflow
  • Huggingface
  • scikit-learn


Shift left testing

Test automation

Empowers teams to deliver high-quality software


Risk Management

Threat modeling

Threat and vulnerability management

ISO 27001 certified ISMS processes

(M)ASVS framework

Site Reliability Engineering

Codifies best practices

Platform guidelines and guardrails

Supports the creation of highly reliable and scalable software systems

Programming Languages

We excel in sharing expertise and best practices across a diverse range of programming languages, spanning all the major platforms we operate on.

Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology means we continuously assess and integrate new languages and frameworks into our toolkit, ensuring we remain future-proof and ready
to meet evolving challenges.









We are serious
about software


ISO certified

Security starts within the company. In The Pocket conforms to the ISO 27001:2017 standard, an international standard for Information Security management. This means our organisation shows clear, objective proof of our commitment to continued improvement of control over sensitive and confidential information.

Industry standards

The products we build live up to the industry standards. Our people know the ins and outs of OWASP, MASVS, GDPR and Accessibility. No product leaves without passing the bar. Even more: when it comes to industry standards, we like to raise the bar a bit higher.

Shift left on quality & security

At In The Pocket, we always strive to engineer digital products of the best possible quality. Shift Left is about moving our QA processes forward in the development lifecycle. About testing as early as possible. And about validating our products as soon as a requirement is being thought of.

Inside Engineering

At In The Pocket, we're committed to staying at the frontier of new technologies and programming languages. We're proud of being early adopters, constantly experimenting with cutting-edge tools and platforms. Dive deeper into our developer's discoveries on our Dev Blog.