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This is how
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Everything starts with your application. We’ll review it and provide every single one with some feedback.

Video Call

Time for a first round of getting to know each other. We’ll cover introductions and expectations in a first video call with someone of our People team.

Face to Face Interview

We’ll dive deeper into the role and responsibilities in a live interview. You’ll meet some of your potential team members and experts.


We’ll provide you with insights in your future role and put you up to the test by working out a case. It's a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills and to discover whether this role is a good fit for you. 


This means you’ve made it! You can expect a detailed offer in your mailbox and we’re already polishing up a desk for you.
Our colleagues attending a workshop on our annual event called Flow

People first

At In The Pocket, it's all about our people— their talent, passion, and ideas drive us forward. We want everyone here to feel valued and heard because that's when our creativity truly thrives. It not only makes for a happier workplace but also helps us see things from different angles, leading to better outcomes.

As we look ahead, we know diversity is key to our success. That's why we actively seek out those who bring unique perspectives and challenge the status quo. By embracing diversity, we ensure our company stays dynamic and ahead of the curve.


We're all about creating the best workplace for digital talent. We're big fans of hybrid work setups. Whether you're at home or in one of our cosy studios, you get to choose your work style and schedule. As long as you're comfortable.

Surround yourself in a perfectly equipped studio with a bunch of cool people around you, enjoy working from the comfort of your own home or mix it up. We trust your common sense, so it's all up to you.

Two-time winner of
Employee Engagement Awards

We’re not fixated on winning prizes, but we do take pride when our efforts are rewarded. Two employee engagement awards are the statement of the incredible people-driven dynamic that flows through our offices.

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We are a European digital product studio
spread over 6 locations.

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