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We're one group that's completely nuts about digital. And we don’t bite. Honestly, the people at In The Pocket are - besides extremely talented - a lively bunch to work, talk and eat with. We can’t introduce you to each and everyone of them, but why don’t you take a peek behind the screen of some of our colleagues?

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Working at In The Pocket means accepting a high level of autonomy. You take ownership and show the ability to decide and act for the good of the company.


Stick to your values, even when it doesn’t pay off in the short term. In The Pocket relies on trust and openness, which in turn relies on your integrity.

Lead & Educate

Digital technologies are changing the world. We go all in, head-first. 
We take the lead in designing and building with emerging technologies. 
We share our passion and knowledge with as many people as possible.
A view of our team working together with a client in a workshop


In The Pocket is permanently under construction. We never settle, it’s never done. Observing, adapting and improving is in our nature. That resonates with the people who work here. We are always looking for a better solution, always ready for the next step, pragmatic and committed to move forward.


As individuals we are bright and talented, as a team we’re unbeatable. We are open and positive, constructive and honest. We help and inspire our colleagues to do their best work.

Knowledge sharing

It’s interesting to know your dogs name, sure. But we’d like to learn more from our colleagues. Everyone has his own skillset & talents, and we like to share it as much as possible within our company. Learning from each other is what makes our products better & better.

We even take it outdoors with Shift: our annual conference about the next big shifts in digital. Made, written, presented and curated by our own in-house experts, we shine our light on the next impactful changes in the digital realm. It’s knowledge sharing on steroids.

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The fun stuff

Work, work, work, work, Rihanna once said. We believe at least one ‘work’ should be replaced with ‘fun’. Working is one thing, but we want you to feel comfortable and able to relax as well. Lucky for you we have an amazing team that keeps our company culture alive and provides you with a regular shot of dopamine by organising activities, a casual Friday drink, gamenights and many other exciting stuff.

Imagining the future is cool,
building it is cooler.

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Our strong company culture is quite unique and practically impossible to describe. So why don’t you take a look behind the scenes and soak up our incredible atmosphere through our Instagram feed.

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