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Planning is useless, unless
you do it frequently

In short

We plan in order to learn how we are progressing
towards our goals. To know our progress we have to
understand how a product adds value to the business.
To know the value, we have to understand the
costs first.

Product lifecycle

Any product undertaking is an investment. As a product studio, we have a duty to offer transparency on both the cost and the benefits of this investment.

Product lifecycle


Rigorous time tracking allows us to give insight into
what has been performed. Rigorous capacity
planning offers predictability on costs we will
incur in the future.



Release planning gives us insight into what will be released in the near future. Dashboards allow us to track if the features we are releasing translate to business value. And roadmaps let us see further into the future.

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as a company, to build better digital products
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