Pushing forward digital in Life Sciences
& Health

Technology is drastically transforming patient care & disease management. That’s why we’re pushing forward the patient-centric revolution.

In The Pocket takes your mind off software development. We shape and build your digital product. From creating wearable health apps to revolutionary skin imaging platforms, we’re committed to helping you
put people at the true core of care.

Our drivers

Security & Compliance

We unburden you in your FDA/EULA regulatory endeavours. When it comes down to security and compliance, we don’t compromise.

Our teams have successfully ideated, developed, released and supported products in compliance with IEC 62304, IEC 14971, IEC 62366, ISO 27001... just to name a few.

Our software development life cycle sets a standard for all teams that support iterative and incremental development.

Putting Patients First

Innovation in healthcare only has a true impact when it starts from the user’s perspective. Our laser focus on UX results in digital products that all stakeholders embrace: from patients to healthcare professionals and beyond.


From wearables to Bluetooth-connected medical devices and cloud platforms. We combine software and hardware into custom-made solutions.

A blue ocean for medical apps.

Download our user research on the potential & adoption of medical apps for chronic disease management.

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Our clients

From medtech startups to Europe’s largest health enterprises. Our clients have one thing in common: they rethink digital health.

Our services

We help you ship digital products and platforms
and take care of every aspect of the process.

Interested in our experience & expertise?

Grab a coffee with us. We’re more than happy to explain our view on digital health and how we can help you grow your product.

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