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Biocartis is an innovative molecular diagnostics (MDx) company providing next generation diagnostic solutions aimed at improving clinical practice for the benefit of patients, clinicians, payers and industry. Biocartis’ proprietary MDx Idylla platform is a fully automated sample-to-result, real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) system that offers accurate, highly reliable molecular information from virtually any biological sample in virtually any setting.

To help Biocartis accelerate their growth, we teamed up with Showpad to develop a sales enabled platform. The new application will help the Biocartis sales team communicate better with their customers about the value of Idylla. One of the most important aspects of the platform is comparing Idylla to its competitors.

Our challenge was to help Biocartis create a digital portfolio, built on Showpad. Until recently customizing Showpad applications was rather difficult. That’s why they introduced ‘Custom Experiences’, which we used to develop the platform for Biocartis.

These ‘Custom Experiences’ allow external developers to build web applications that run on Showpad. We created an application that converts the database of Biocartis to a web application written in React.

We started by converting the Excel file to a .json file that we could use as the basis of our app. Ensuring a structured overview of the data was crucial because everything had to be properly mapped. Once the data was correctly constructed, it was easy to create a tableview that enabled to compare the data. Performance is a very important aspect of the app. To ensure performance, only the most necessary is loaded. This is possible because everything is developed component-based.

The result is a platform where Biocartis representatives can compare their products to other competitor offerings on the market, highlighting Idylla's gains & unique features. Using the tables which compares specific features against each other, they can quickly show what's important.

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