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Multipharma leads the Belgian pharmacy world as the largest cooperative. As a pioneer in pharmaceutical care, Multipharma wants to bring the pharmacist and the customer closer together by making high quality healthcare accessible and affordable to all. In their omnichannel reality, patients should be able to effortlessly reach their pharmacist on all channels. The rebuild of their mobile app with In The Pocket kickstarted this ambitious mission.

The Short Story

Rebuilding their mobile app and making it future-proof.

Pushing hard on UX, accessibility and security.

Talking to all stakeholders, from pharmacists to patients and beyond.

Launching a new mobile app and web portal in just 5 months that fully supports Multipharma’s omnichannel ambitions.

A future-proof mobile application

Multipharma got in touch with In The Pocket because their current app was aging. Not only did it not fulfill the users’ needs, it also lacked in terms of security, technology and UX. Our mandate was clear: shaping, building and designing a future-proof Android & iOS mobile app that leads to more qualitative user experience for both patients and pharmacists. Not only limiting the patient to reserve medication, but giving them the option to ask advice to their trusted pharmacist.

Bringing pharmacists and customers closer

What does this revamped mobile app do? First and foremost, it allows users to effortlessly reserve their medication. And you don't necessarily need to look your personal medication up manually. You can just as easily upload a photo of your prescription and, within seconds, you'll add the right product to your reservation. The pharmacist, on the other hand, receives your order instantly and gets a crystal clear overview of what to prepare.

The really neat thing about this app, is the ability to reach out to your pharmacists in just a few clicks. Together with customers and pharmacists, we created a chat function to tackle any questions you might have. Instead of making a trip to the pharmacists, you can contact him through your app and get your answers a lot faster. Ideal for when you have questions about certain allergies, side-effects or any question that relates to your medicine. And, you can't underestimate the level of trust this builds between a pharmacists and their customers.

User research throughout the process

You can only build a decent product if you listen to what your users say. In the case of Multipharma, these were both end-users as well as pharmacists. We thoroughly interviewed both of these audiences to make sure we're building the right thing instead of some unwanted tweak or feature.

Our strategists were there every step of the way to challenge the envisioned functionalities. They guided Multipharma towards a desirable set of features. Nothing got passed if it wasn't confirmed by users on both sides of the app: healthcare professionals and customers.

Implementing accessibility support

High quality healthcare should be accessible to all. A requirement that is non-negotiable for In The Pocket, as we believe that all digital products should be inclusive by default. We took accessibility and inclusive design into account right from the project’s start.

Featuring support for large fonts, or designing for a screen reader is crucial. But by implementing inclusive design from the very start, you avoid excluding anyone from your app and you’ll save money on the long term.

An end-to-end secure application

Dealing with confidential user data, security is key. An end-to-end encryption makes sure that only the patient and its pharmacist are able to consult the shared information.

The outcome

Building a killer mobile app and web platform in 5 months is just the first step in this ambitious omnichannel mission. The future roadmap is full of plans and features to sharpen the current user experience. We can’t wait to discover what’s next and guide Multipharma on their road ahead.

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