In The Pocket spreads its wings and touches down in Lisbon.
On a mission to become Europe’s finest digital product studio, we’re thrilled to open up a new studio in one of Europe’s digital hotspots. To support our growth, we’re looking for digitally skilled intrapreneurs who are eager to grow our software teams and build better products for bigger futures.If you’re looking for a sign to realise your international dreams… This is it.

New studio,
new opportunities

To build better products for bigger futures, we need the brightest minds. And to get our new Lisbon studio up and running, we need people with an entrepreneurial mindset and a great eye for talent. That’s why we’re looking for a bunch of ambitious people with different skills & talents to build and grow our Lisbon team. Always with the close and full support of our Belgian headquarters.
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In The Pocket?

In The Pocket represents a new generation of digital services. With over 12 years of expertise, we’re an established company in the digital landscape and aim to remain so.
We are a complete delivery organisation that designs and delivers digital products and platforms from end to end.
Whether it’s Software Engineering, Strategy,
Architecture, UX or ML, we know how to make
better products for bigger futures.

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A digital
product studio?

We’re a digital product studio. Not an agency. The difference?
Our studio culture is all about collaborating with a high-performing,
multidisciplinary team eager to deliver value from the very first day.
Our hand-picked teams rigorously cling to our product development principles,
yet remain agile and autonomous enough to adapt to your specific challenges.
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