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AI The Game

Discover the potential of AI for your business by playing AI The Game. We'll send you a copy or come over to help you play!

If you want to explore the potential of artificial intelligence for your business, chances are you don’t know where to start. At In The Pocket, we have helped both large and small companies with the implementation of AI, which has enabled us to gather a great deal of knowledge.

"I found the card game of In The Pocket enjoyable and inspiring. It is a well executed method that will help your team explore concepts with AI and machine learning that could help your business." Frederik Vandecasteele, Innovation Manager Voka

Based on the techniques which we use to develop digital products, we have created our own method to map the possibilities of AI. We always work from a diamond principle. First we will generate a multitude of ideas, then we will land on some very relevant use cases. We do this divergence by using AI The Game, a card game that we developed which helps you discover how you can tackle business challenges with artificial

How does it work?

While playing AI The Game, the group first agrees on a company they want to innovate. Each player is then given a perspective card (CTO, CEO, employee, ..), and it is from this perspective that each player looks at the common company. As COO, you look at a chain of operational activities, but as a customer you only care about the end product. Thereby, the the game makes the players look at the same company from different angles, make them collaborate rather than compete.

The players have to come up with use cases using the Task cards they are given. There are 30 Task cards in the game, each with a prototypical machine learning task, image classification, for instance, or sentiment analysis. After thinking for a couple of minutes, they players pitch their use case to each other.

The players can motivate their use case by the Value cards, it helps them to to check how valuable the idea is; is it a solution for one person or for the entire company? And is it a difficult task, or something that an intern could arrange?

The Manual

  1. Make a group of 4-8 players.
  2. The group agrees on a company they would all be part of for the next 20 minutes. Probably this will be the company you’re working for.
  3. Spread all Value Cards in the middle of the table, and be aware of what makes or breaks a good AI use case.
  4. Each player receives a Perspective Card. This is the role you’ll have during the game. Be inspired and consider: how would you look at this company if this would be your role?
  5. Give 3 random Task Cards to each player. Each task card has a brief description, and a prototypical use case that shows how this tasks is put to use today. Be inspired and consider how you can apply these tasks to your perspective and company.
  6. Take 5 minutes time to come up with your use case.
  7. Each player pitches his/her use case to the other players. With the Value cards, you can motivate your case, or the other players might criticize it.
  8. When all players have pitched their idea, each player gives one vote to one other player. The idea with most player votes wins the round!

PRO tip: use our AI Value Canvas to dive deep into the top ideas!

For who?

AI the game is a great tool for everyone interested in discovering AI opportunities for their business. You don't need technical knowledge to play this game.

  • IT Project Managers
  • CIO/Head of IT
  • Chief Data/Digital/Marketing/Strategy Officer

AI The Game

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