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10 years of experience in building industry-grade consumer apps, business critical enterprise applications and video platforms is what makes us pioneers in mobile and web development.

Why In The Pocket?

Shorten your time to market

Reduce your time to market and be the first on to gain market share. This is how we shipped a certified medical device in under 1 year

Increase your digital revenue

Get to know your customer inside-out and develop products that increase your digital revenue. Take a look at how helped growing the MyColruyt app

Your partner for complex integrations

Our solution architects love to tackle technically complex issues. Find out how we merged Belgium's finest payment solutions.

What we build

Mobile applications

Native, cross platform & hybrid mobile apps for iOS and Android made with React Native or Flutter.

Web applications

Headless, responsive web apps & Progressive Web Apps made with React JS.

Custom back-end

Tailor-made back-end systems made with Node.js and Laravel.

CMS based websites

User-friendly websites manageable in Dato CMS.

Only six months to deliver a fully working app. Only In The Pocket, who was responsible for the delivery of the Bancontact app the past few year was in the position to do it.
Thierry Hugue, CTO Bancontact Payconiq Company

How to get started

Define your digital product strategy

Fast paced tracks

Get started for free with our Digital Product Strategy Toolbox.
Get started for free

  • Get insights in the needs of your users & the problem your solving
  • Select the solution with the highest potential
  • Validate a working prototype with your users

Design or build a new mobile  or web app

High velocity value creation

A cross-functional team that designs and builds and ships your product in no time.

  • A cross-functional team that delivers business value in no time
  • Continuous development
  • 2-weekly demo's

Grow your product's business success

Growth experiments

Boost your product’s user base, engagement & retention.
Get started for free

  • KPI Definition & Growth Modeling
  • Product Analytics & Audits
  • Product Growth Experiments
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Our thoughts on
mobile & web

Every day, we're learning new things. As knowledge sharing is one of our most important values, we're often taking the time to write blog posts in which we reflect upon the endless possibilities of mobile and web development.

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