Streamlining the UI and UX of Clickshare

Digital Product Design

Barco is a Belgian technology company that develops visualization and collaboration solutions to help professionals work together, share information, and project images. One of its flagship products is Clickshare, Barco's wireless presentation and collaboration system, that allows any meeting participant to share content on the central meeting room screen.

Clickshare consists on the one hand of a physical push button and on the other hand of a mobile and desktop application. Over time, these platforms have received multiple updates, which necessitated a revision of the user flows. Together with Barco, In The Pocket therefore worked on the UI and UX of Clickshare.

We started this project with a short-paced Discovery Track. We investigated the different scenarios  in which people use Clickshare, and identified gaps and challenges within the current product ecosystem.

Based on that input we were able to start working on the user flow. It described the different goals and what needed to be done to make the process easier. By taking into account the broader customer journey and existing customer touchpoints, we defined the challenges in need of an effective interface and designed the first prototypes.

We had weekly demo moments in which we showed our progress, emphasising short feedback loops and stimulating collaboration. Rather than working on something without feedback, we always want to show our first attempts, and then keep refining. Afterwards we translated that flow into a few concrete features.

One of the challenges we discovered during this process was the onboarding flow for first time users.

To check whether our modifications were relevant, we invited users to come and test the Clickshare application . We let them work with Clickshare in three different ways (via the desktop app, with the button and via WiFi) to see how they use the product and identified those areas where there is room for improvement. These so called usability sanity checks are done with 5 end-users during a 30-60 minute interview. That might sound like a low number, but you’ll get 85% of usability problems by testing with 5 users.

The goal was to get early feedback on the clarity of the design, quickly validate the outcome and give confidence in our work. The feedback we received on this user validation was interesting and ensured that we could still improve our work.

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