Unlock superior UX
through our UX Audit.

Struggling to optimise conversation & engagement rates of your digital product? A good UX doesn’t do the trick any longer. A superb UX is what makes you stand out. Start uncovering your UX strengths & weaknesses and learn how you can improve your digital product to the next level with our UX audit.

The UX audit is your go-to tool to move your website or app towards that next level in UX. You’ll spot which parts of your digital product cause headaches for your users and what blocks your conversion & engagement rates.

Do these challenges
sound familiar to you?

Your conversion stagnates or slows
down. But you have no clue why.

You're lacking an outside-in perspective
that helps your own UX team forward.

Your current UX lags behind and
affects your customer experience.

You're rebuilding your website or app, but
want to get it absolutely right from the get-go.

How a UX audit
solves your challenges.

To get your digital product on top of the UX chain again,
we help you through:

Performing a full UX & UI assessment, including the latest accessibility standards

Thoroughly reviewing your user flows, laying out different scenarios and checking the consistency of your user interface.

Making informed decisions, based
on data from analytics researchable

Identifying areas of improvement, based on analytic research (e.g. where do users drop off
during onboarding?)

Gaining insights from user interviews

In-depth, qualitative research into how your user perceives your brand & UX, finding out the ‘why’
behind the analytics. (e.g. Why do your users drop off?)

Analysing your competitors

Aim to be the best by comparing performance of competing products.

What you'll receive

  • Crystal-clear & ready-to-implement UX recommendations
  • An initial benchmark to start improving your UX
  • An all-round UX score that highlights the gaps & strengths of your current UX flows
  • Input for your product roadmap, along with prioritised future improvements & user needs
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Why us?

In The Pocket was there at the beginning of the mobile revolution and grew along the way to one of Europe’s finest digital product studios. We don’t want to boast, but if one thing made our continuous growth possible, it was our laser focus on the user. In anything we do, we put the user front & central. And we have the right people & expertise
in-house to do exactly that.

Perks of a UX audit?
Don’t ask us. Ask our clients.

Level up your UX maturity

Want to immerse yourself deeper in UX? Join our webinar to reach superior UX on  March 8th to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your user experience, along with recommendations on ways to improve.