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Take the user experience of your digital product to the next level with the help of a UX Audit!

In a fast-paced track, we analyse your digital product or prototype to detect the pain points and opportunities you should know about. With our decade of experience in the development of digital products, we know the tricks to improve your work and pitfalls to avoid. Having the most compelling and relevant user experiences is a great way to stand out from competitors.

A professional UX Audit is meant to help founders, product owners, designers, and developers see their product through a fresh set of eyes.

Example of a UX Audit report

UX Audit

When should you do a UX Audit?

Product that is not converting and want to find and fix the problems with key user-flows.
Prototype before moving to development
New design validation or redesign
Launch new functionality

The outcome

The UX audit will help us identify the top improvements of your digital product. You’ll receive a holistic review of the experience.

Based on UX principles and best practices used throughout the industry, we will review the current UX of your mobile application, website or platform. In this audit, we will create:

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A report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the digital product with suggestions for improvement.

Overview of UX principles

An overview of UX principles that will have the most significant impact on improving the digital product and user experience.

Prioritisation matrix

A prioritisation matrix to identify the most critical problems and the effort it will take to solve them.

Get in touch

How we work

Objectives discussion

We meet with you either remotely or in person for a kick-off meeting to understand your business goals, product and target audience. We set up objectives and expectations for the UX audit.

The UX Audit

  • We will walk through your existing product and review the user experience
  • We provide feedback and suggestions based on a list of standardised heuristics
  • All of this will available in a report that will highlight strengths and aspects that needs to be improved
  • We will create some experimental suggestions based on our assessment
  • We will go over the improvements with our architects and map it on a prioritisation matrix that will show the value for the user and effort it will take to implement to ensure technical feasibility.

The Report

  • We present our findings and guide you through the audit to clarify our remarks and suggestions in the final meeting.
  • You’ll receive the complete visual report to share with the organization.

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