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Becoming the reference in mobile ID & privacy. That was the ambition of Itsme back in 2017. Today, the little orange app has become indispensable for millions of users and is planning to conquer the European stage in e-ID. And we are proud to have played a significant part in that success story.

In Short

Delivering top-notch UX and preparing for internationalisation

Rebuilding the Itsme app in an inclusive and scalable way

Doubling down on smooth onboarding, accessibility and internationalisation

Becoming the n°1 e-ID solution in Belgium with over 3.2M active users
and spreading out across borders

The Challenge

Before Itsme crossed paths with In The Pocket, the little orange app had already made a big name for themselves. Itsme was the first to offer a decent alternative for - often tedious - identification on the web. By creating one simple identification app with one single passcode, they changed the landscape of e-ID. But it was a rough diamond that needed polishing.

In 2018, Itsme and In The Pocket partnered up. The main ambition of our partnership: eliminate friction and improve all-round usability of their app. Considering their ambitions to become a top-tier e-ID player in Europe, their app needed a universal and flawless UX. Additionally, we had to deal with a bunch of legacy code which wasn’t ideal for the scalability of the app. But nothing our killer team of architects, designers and developers couldn’t fix.

The Solution

Making Itsme the go-to app for mobile ID meant appealing to as many people as possible. And that translates to a supreme user experience. Our team started out by inspecting and analysing every inch of the app, and marking down where processes were less than ideal. After mapping out every step of the way, they took every screen back to the drawing table to figure out new and improved pathways.

With a design-mindset and a killer focus on UX, we redesigned icons, buttons and screens and took out every possible point of friction in the app’s pathways. Supporting Itsme in it’s international ambitions, we made sure that their app was scalable and suitable for roll-out in the European continent. Our efforts finally resulted in a fresh and streamlined app, ready to become Europe’s number one mobile identification app.

The approach

Fixing onboarding

One of the major challenges was fixing the onboarding process. The previous onboarding screens left too many unclarities, like unexplained error messages, which made users churn. We killed useless screens where possible and erased complexity and unclarities during the onboarding process.

All-round European onboarding

In the early days of Itsme, onboarding required the use of your ID card and an electronic card reader. But that onboarding process was quite cumbersome at times. So we went searching for a more user-friendly solution to receive and verify a user’s identity. In Belgium, we developed an integration that allows users to sign up with their mobile banking app. A much more smooth way to successfully complete onboarding. But still a pretty expensive and non-scalable solution to match with Itsme’s foreign ambitions.

With an ambition of expanding abroad, we created a whole new way of onboarding that’s applicable in most European countries. The solution? Scanning the new European ID cards with NFC technology and validating them through Face ID. By providing this new out-of-the box onboarding solution, Itsme is now ready to spread its wings across the continent.

A keen eye for inclusive design

Becoming the number one solution in mobile identification means including everyone. Top class digital products should be accessible for both the abled and the (temporarily) dissabled. Our team made huge efforts on improving Itsme’s inclusivity. By actually talking to visually impaired users, we fixed screen-reader issues in the onboarding flow and adapted the authentication mechanism to become all-accessible.


When it comes to identification and multiple 3rd party providers, there’s no room for error on privacy & security. Our ITP security experts (ISO27001 certified) were involved from the start and secured every step of the way. They made sure the application is 100% safe to use and shows no caveats in privacy protection.

The outcome

Thanks to a well-oiled collaboration with the product team of Itsme, we managed to refine the old Itsme app into a superior version, ready to conquer Europe. But don’t take our word for it, let the numbers do the talking.

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