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Machine Learning
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We help you grow your business by implementing intelligent technology.

We grow your business with intelligent technology

Recommender Systems

Recommender systems are used to offer users products or services based on their preferences and behaviour.


Netflix knows what you'll like based on the other shows you watched. 

Visual Quality Control

Quality Estimation uses machine learning models to assess the quality of a particular product or resource via Computer Vision.


Domino’s Pizza Checker is a video control system that verifies that pizzas look the way they are supposed to. It measures size, shape, distribution of ingredients.

Continuous Control

Deploy a Reinforcement Learning agent to control a machine or environment continuously.


Algorithms in Google's data centers autonomously control cooling systems by matching computing power with the weather, thereby saving costs by 40%.

Automatic Calibration

Use a Reinforcement Learning agent to support the calibration of a complex machine via a feedback mechanism.


Microsoft and Siemens reduced calibration of industrial machines from 40 hours to 1 hour.

User Clustering

User clustering divides individuals into groups based on shared characteristics that are often too complex to detect by a human.


Marketeers cluster their users into personas and create unique marketing campaigns tailored towards each user group.

Image Classification

An Image Classifier is a computer vision model, capable of assigning an image to a specific content category.


The AR application we created for Woody can recognize specific animals on the pyjamas.

Churn Prediction

A Churn prediction model is used to predict which customers are likely to cancel their subscription or consumption of a product.


Netflix uses Churn Prediction to detect when a customer is likely to cancel the subscription.

Text Classification

Text Classification is the task of assigning predefined categories to the new text.


We created an automatic mail classifier for SD Worx that is able to read emails and understand what the content is.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance can anticipate when a machine is likely to fail soon. From this, you can prioritize your planning and prevent downtime.


Bosch equips machines with sensors to monitor vibration and uses this information to predict the deterioration of a machine and suggest maintenance.

Time Series Trending

Time Series Trending utilizes methods for analyzing time series data to extract meaningful statistics and other characteristics of data.


Waze and Google Maps use time series trending to anticipate traffic jams.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection is the identification of rare items, events or observations that differ significantly from the majority of the data.


Lemonade is an insurance company that uses an Anomaly Detection algorithm to spot fraudulent insurance claims.

Why In The Pocket?

We're a Digital Product Studio

We do not solely consist of AI engineers. We’re a digital product studio with more than 110 strategists, designers, engineers and data scientists. We have 10 years of experience in building fully integrated digital products that millions of people use.

We deploy to any platform

Our  cross-functional teams  exists out of a mix of competences. Mobile, Edge, Web, Cloud and APIs, we deploy to any platform that is best suited to address your needs and we are always up to date with the latest developments.

Focus on human centered AI

AI operates in the sweet spot between business, technology and humans. You need to solve a customer need and a strong focus on best-in-class user experience. That’s where our experts come in.

The In The Pocket workshop gave our members the opportunity to quickly identify the most important use cases for artificial intelligence in the construction sector.
Steven Everaert, President of The Digital Board ADEB - VBA

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AI Discovery

3 days

A first introduction to what AI could mean for your business. Download our free canvas.

  • Half day workshop
  • AI Card Game
  • AI Value Canvas

AI Prototype

3 weeks

A prototype for your most valuable AI use-case to immediately see its value in action.

  • Identifying the opportunities
  • Building the pilot
  • Creating your roadmap

AI Implementation

Agile collaboration

A cross-functional team that builds and ships your product in no time.

  • Dedicated cross-functional team
  • Continuous development
  • 2-weekly demo’s
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Play AI  The Game

We created a card game to find the most suitable machine learning application for our clients and prospects. It’s a fun way to get inspired and discover untapped potential in your business.

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