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JUNE 12, 2024

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Join In The Pocket on June 12th, as we uncover the intersection of digital innovation and sustainability, unlocking new possibilities to build greener, more resilient businesses.

Throughout the event, we'll explore how digital technologies not only drive operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance product performance but also foster sustainability and effectively respond to regulatory and public expectations.

From actionable insights derived from connected devices to scalable platforms that adapt to evolving needs, discover how companies are harnessing the power of digitalization to achieve their sustainability goals.

*Please note that this event is not intended for business developers and consultants


Gain insights from our speakers and actively participate in the discussion to unlock new perspectives for you and your company’s success.



Welcome to In The Pocket

Paradoxes in the current energy world

by Anouschka van den Ban, Proposition Marketer at Eneco

The current energy world is full of apparent contradictions, uncertainties, possibilities, and challenges. Eneco, too, is confronted with these daily. Through a selection of these paradoxes, they will take you through the impact this has on marketing, communication, and product development.


Building a water-smart future with technology

by Jacob Bossaer, CEO & Founder at BOSAQ

Embark on an exploration of digital innovation as we'll dive into the transformative journey behind decentralized water technology and collaborative innovation, illuminating the path towards a water-smart society.


Empowering energy efficiency with an IoT Platform

by Pieter Verberck, Software Engineer at In The Pocket

Join Pieter Verberck as he dives into a compelling case study showcasing how an IoT cloud platform is revolutionizing energy efficiency. Discover how this platform seamlessly connects over 500,000 devices, empowering installers and consumers with valuable insights for smarter energy usage. From automated processes to real-time performance checks, discover how this innovative approach is shaping a more efficient future while providing actionable insights for sustainable operations.


Case study: ENGIE's solution for smart consumption

by Birger De Rese, Product Manager at ENGIE

Birger De Rese unveils an insightful case study highlighting ENGIE's innovative solution for smart energy consumption. Explore how ENGIE is revolutionizing the way customers monitor and manage their energy consumption and production. Through cutting-edge solutions, discover how ENGIE empowers users to maintain control over their budgets while fostering sustainability in the manufacturing and energy sectors.


Executive insights: how digital transformation is accelerating the path to sustainability

Join a panel of leading experts as they explore the transformative power of digital technology in driving sustainability forward. From innovative solutions to collaborative strategies, discover how digitalization is revolutionizing the manufacturing & energy industry, and shaping a more sustainable future for generations to come.


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