Directions to In The Pocket

A view of our offices in Ghent

Ghent studio

Sassevaartstraat 46/401,
9000 Gent

Parking: you can park at the underground parking garage of Dok Noord (where our offices are located).

Public transport: our Ghent office is located on a 10 minute walk of the train station Gent Dampoort.

Reaching our offices: there are two ways to have access to the building: via the entrance at the Sassevaartstraat 46, or via the parking in the Dok Noord shopping center.

Entrance via Sassevaartstraat

If you enter via the Sassevaartstraat, look for the Belfius Bank on the corner; you will find our entrance right next to it. At this point there is a fence and the first doorbell, go straight into the hallway and take the first elevator on your right side to the 4th floor, this is elevator number 10. If the door to the elevator is locked, simply ring the doorbell next to the door and we will let you in.

Entrance via carpark

From the exit of the carpark, walk past the Delhaize (supermarket), and then enter the corridor on the left. There is a fence at that point, so you’ll have to press our doorbell then. Once in the corridor, you can reach our office with elevator 10 (the last one of the corridor). We’re on the 4th floor. If the door to the elevator is locked, simply ring the doorbell next to the door and we will let you in.

Leuven studio

De Smidse Sluisstraat 8
3000 Leuven

Parking: parking Vaartkom

Public Transport:
train to railway station Leuven, from there you can take bus 600 (at stop 11) to Vaartkom.

A view of our offices in Leuven

Antwerp studio

PAKT Régine Beerplein 1/E205, 2018 Antwerpen

Parking: We advise you to use the address “Lamorinièrestraat 161, 2018 Antwerpen” when coming
by car. This will guide you to the PAKT site, where you can ring our doorbell at the entrance of the onsite parking. Please only use our personal parking spots which are indicated with a sign for ‘In The Pocket’.

Public transport: The train station ‘Antwerpen Berchem’
is located on a 12-minute walk from our Antwerp Office.

Reaching our offices: You can find a staircase on the left side of Caffènation, which leads you to our office located on the second floor.

Amsterdam studio

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 162, 1012
SJ , Amsterdam

Tram Lines: 2 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 17

Bus: 282 / 284 / 288