Enhancing VTM GO's UX through comprehensive user research.

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In today's streaming landscape, standing out is crucial to staying relevant. Joining forces with VTM GO, we set out on a journey to understand the perceived value of VTM GO compared with its competitors. Through an exciting mix of user research techniques, we aimed to offer practical recommendations for an enhanced platform experience. Our goal: to solidify VTM GO's position as a leading Belgian streaming platform.

In Short

Helping VTM GO win in a competitive streaming market.

Optimising user experience by studying VTM GO platform perception and usability,
along with user behaviour on streaming platforms.

Deep diving into the user’s perspective through thorough user research
based on our diary study approach.

A comprehensive understanding of the usability and use of streaming platforms,
leading to actionable recommendations to ensure an improved viewing experience.

Understanding the landscape

VTM GO is much more than meets the eye. Firstly, the streaming platform caters to a diverse range of user needs. Whether you're discovering new content, watching your favourite program, or catching up on your streaming binge, VTM GO ensures it provides exactly what you need. This holds true for a varied set of users too - from streaming natives to cord-cutters transitioning from traditional TV, and even those combining streaming with linear watching.

Intrigued by how all these users perceive and utilise their services, the popular streaming platform joined us on a user research track to explore the "why" behind it all.

VTM GO needs to cater to the needs of a varied set of users. From streaming natives, to cord-cutters and from mobile-first users to the classic tv watchers.

Unpacking streaming behaviour and improving UX

In close partnership with VTM GO, our research and insights team embarked on a comprehensive user research journey. We delved deep into understanding the preferences and expectations of the platform's users, seeking to identify the key factors that drive the perceived value they derive from VTM GO. Simultaneously, we compared these insights with the offerings of other streaming platforms to gain valuable insights into its competitive position.

By gathering invaluable feedback from the users, we sought to gain a thorough understanding of their viewing habits, preferences, and needs. Armed with this knowledge, our mission was to provide actionable recommendations aimed at elevating the platform's user experience, ensuring that it resonates even more effectively with its target audience.

"Through this UXR track, we gained valuable insights and received concrete recommendations for further exploration. It encouraged us to adopt a fresh mindset when analysing user intents and journeys. Truly thought-provoking."

- Lien Lesage, Consumer Researcher TV & Streaming - DPG Media

A holistic user research methodology

To achieve our UX research objectives, we adopted a holistic methodology that combined common UX principles with industry best practices.

We initiated the process by conducting an in-depth UX audit of VTM GO's current user experience.
This analysis helped us identify areas that required improvement and guided our subsequent
research approach.

We performed an in-depth UX audit of VTM GO's current user experience

For deeper insights into users' perspectives, experiences, and actions, we conducted diary studies over a two-week period. By having users write down their findings and staying in touch with them via WhatsApp, we were almost literally in the living room right there with them to uncover the pains & gains of the platform. The diary study offered invaluable information about the challenges users faced, potential opportunities, and the specific needs of VTM GO's audience.

We conducted diary studies over a two-week period via WhatsApp.

Following the diary study, we conducted conclusive interviews with the participating users to gain additional context and clarify insights gathered during the diary study.

Gaining critical insights & sharing recommendations

The diary study proved to be an invaluable tool in understanding how VTM GO's users engaged with streaming platforms in the comfort of their living rooms. The research provided our client with critical insights, offering a fresh perspective on their vast user data and their position compared to other streaming competitors.

By combining the insights from the UX audit and the revealing findings from the diary study, we presented VTM GO with a comprehensive understanding of user behaviour and various ways of using the streaming platform, as reported through their usage analytics and tracker research.

Armed with these insights & recommendations, VTM GO is now better equipped to highlight its distinctive positioning in the competitive streaming landscape and provide an enhanced viewing experience to its customers.

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