Grocery shopping has never been so easy

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Belgium’s retailer Colruyt wanted to make shopping even easier for its customers. MyColruyt, an app that integrates inspiration, recipes and shopping lists, backs up the company’s high omni-channel ambitions, and gives customers a new way to interact with their trusted supermarket.

Grocery shopping has never been so easy

MyColruyt focuses on four crucial stages in the customer journey: inspiration, recipes, shopping lists and hassle-free purchase.

The app doubles as a shopping list where customers can easily insert items or specific products. So both coffee and Graindor Mokka ground coffee 500g can be part of the list. The items are sorted directly in order of appearance in the store route. Also integrated in the app are 6000 recipes, with a direct “put these items on my list” button. You can share or print your shopping list via e-mail, WhatsApp and sms. The integration with Collect & Go makes it possible to order products directly from your shopping list online.

More personal than ever

MyColruyt lets its customers use the data collected by the supermarket to customize their app experience. By logging in with the Xtra card, customers can search and transfer previously bought items to their current shopping list, or add items to their list of favourites. Even personalized promo’s are loaded automatically so shoppers never miss out on a great deal. These additions make compiling a perfect grocery list easier and smarter. Got allergies? There’s a filter for that too! One tap eliminates all gluten-containing of other products from the menu. Other filters make it possible to search for halal, vegan or vegetarian food.

Just the beginning

Colruyt group knows mobile will become an ever bigger part of the future. That’s why all 230 stores already have free wifi, and a few interesting newbies are set to be released.

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