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Liantis wanted to empower its clients by boosting HR maturity, employee retention, and overall satisfaction. A collaborative process led us to Lia: a one-stop shop for employees. It offers a unified experience and combines all the necessary documents, tools, and communication channels needed to redefine employee-employer relationships in the SME segment.

The challenge

Maintaining a competitive edge with relevant tools


Building an SME-focused employee portal


Validating the concept through research and brainstorming


A functional employee portal in record time

01 — Challenge

Catering the needs of small to medium-sized businesses

The goal was to create a 360° tool, offering relevant services to Liantis' employees and employers, addressing their daily activities & tasks, and providing value in identified areas.
In turn, this would help Liantis to keep its competitive edge and actively help clients to professionalise their HR efforts.

02 — Solution

Aggregating documents, tools, and communication channels into one platform

The portal aims to increase HR maturity, employee retention, and HR efficiency. Lia offers insights into remuneration, work schedule & planning, document management, education management, well-being experts on call, and company/personal updates. The portal is user-friendly and focuses on top-notch design for a great user experience.

03 — Approach

Understanding employees daily tasks and activities

We began with a diary study to understand employees' daily tasks and conducted a competition scan to analyze competitors. Insights from these efforts helped us identify the Liantis Employee Portal's value and benefits. We then held workshops with the Liantis team to prioritize and document features, which guided the creation of a concept prototype reflecting our shared vision.

We validated the prototype through qualitative and quantitative research, surveying 300 employees and interviewing 10 employers. Based on the feedback, we defined an MVP scope and solution architecture to begin building the platform. This process ensured we met the genuine needs of users, who approved the solution.

04 — Outcome

Value of user-focused design and thorough validation processes

Just nine months after the design and validation process, Liantis is successfully launching the Employee Portal across its client base. This achievement is a testament to the effective planning, research, and development that went into the project. It demonstrates the value of user-focused design and thorough validation processes in creating a platform that not only meets the needs of its users but can also be brought to market at an impressive speed.

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