Showing the possibilities of AR in the construction sector

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One of the industries where emerging technologies will cause major changes is construction. Confederatie Bouw Limburg, the sector federation for all construction companies in the province, is aware of this potential disruption and its challenges. In their Bouwcampus, a building in Diepenbeek, the federation helps its members embrace the digital.

The building is a co-creation between the members of the federation and different schools. Visitors are inspired by the latest state of affairs with the technologies in construction industry.

The sector federation saw our AR Wayfinding application and the way we visualize BIM information, which made them think about the potential. These two applications were the trigger to join forces for a Roadmap to AR. In a first session we showed them the various benefits of the technology, including visualizing utilities and instructing a virtual guide at a repairer.

Together with them we developed an application that shows the possibilities of augmented reality in the construction sector. The showcase has three different components. Visitors can use AR to navigate through the entire building, just like we did in the Telenet Innovation Center.

In addition, the BIM information of the entire building is visualized. Finally, the application can also be used to remotely help someone repair a water leak. It’s a perfect example of dual learning, a big challenge in the construction sector. Thanks to the application, it becomes possible to train people faster or to have them perform work that would otherwise require an expert.

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