Transforming Telenet's Innovation Center into a smart venue using AR

Software Engineering

People who visit the headquarters of Belgian telecom operator Telenet in Brussels can visit its innovation center. Here, Telenet is showcasing new technology and giving partners the opportunity to test their projects using Telenet technology and to appeal to the Telenet know-how.

In The Pocket is one of these partners and will demonstrate how Telenet can use Augmented Reality in its relationship with professional clients. We created multiple proof of concepts that visitors can discover.

There’s for instance an application which uses augmented reality to indicate the way to different locations within the innovation center. Users can leave virtual ‘sticky labels’, which can later be altered in the custom made cms we’ve built. Here you can manage each pin by changing its destination and marker. Live status monitoring data of the server room is visualized in real time with AR in an iOS, Android or HoloLens application.

The collaboration with In The Pocket went really smooth. During the project there was a constant knowledge transfer between their engineers and our team. The final result is not just a pitch deck with concepts, but a tangible digital product that will improve our growth.
Rajiv Seesurn, Director Telenet Innovation Center

By using the proof of concepts, Telenet can show both internally as externally that it’s an innovative company tied in to technologies and applications as Internet of Things, BIM or other. Last but not least, we had to integrate our applications with Telenet back-end systems like Microsoft Azure.

In addition, In The Pocket trains the employees of the innovation center to get started with AR themselves. This knowledge transfer will also ensure a better understanding of the technology’s unique credentials in error reduction, training and remote expertise.

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