Improving customer experience by using Beacons

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Companies are always looking for ways to improve their customer experience. With more than 700 offices, Belfius is one of the biggest banks in Belgium. They wanted to offer their customers a better experience, and no better way than doing this with the help of Harald.

Creating a better customer experiences for Belfius

In order for companies to meet their customer's expectations better, it's important that they understand their customer's needs; Why are my customers here, are their questions answered, did they receive the proper service, ... Data is meaningless without extra context, but beacons can provide this quite easily.

Spread over 190 Belfius offices, we deployed an even number of beacons. The beacon detects who enters who enters and leaves the office. Taking in account the different zones, the beacons allow to make a distinction between customers who were only briefly in the office, let's say to withdraw money, and customer who spent more time in the office. When a customer spends on average 7 minutes in a Belfius office, it's certain they needed personal help and met someone of the staff.

When the beacon detects you are leaving the office, a simple question pops up via the Belfius Direct Mobile app, this is a proximity notification linked to the Beacon location. The data collected through the app enables Belfius to better understand their customers and cater them in a better way, tailored to their needs.

The Belfius Mobile Direct app was an existing app in which In The Pocket integrated the Harald SDK to be beacon enabled. This required a minimal effort for Belfius, because they didn't have to launch a new app, as well as for the customers because they could just keep using the app.

In addition to the platform, the Harald hardware team was also responsible for the beacon configuration and installation. That means that our team carefully selected the type of beacon which best suited the project and the objectives. We opted for a bigger version because the beacons had to have a long battery life that would last multiple years.

The Harald CMS makes it easy for Belfius to have a clear overview of the data collected and the amount of interactions triggered. The platform also lets them manage their campaigns in a simple and efficient way.

In short, Harald offers his clients a full beacon solution and even takes care of the professional care afterwards.

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