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Manufacturing professional displays for worldwide distribution is one thing, making them smart is another. TP Vision produces thousands of monitors and displays for professional use all over the world. Keeping up with the times, shifting from a manufacturer-only role towards a total solution provider was the necessary step to take. Not satisfied with the off-the-shelf offering for Remote Display Management, the need for a custom cloud platform popped up. A challenge that had In The Pocket written all over it.

The challenge

Shifting TP Vision from a hardware manufacturer to a total solution provider


Building a cloud platform that unifies control over TP Vision’s displays.


Taking an API-first approach to cater to the needs of clients and partners and ensure longevity


Creating WAVE: a cloud solution that transformed TP Vision into a full display solution provider

01 — Challenge

Shifting towards a display solution provider

Producing over 60 million displays a year, TP Vision is one of the top players in its field. Staying ahead of the competition, however, requires innovation. Manufacturing screens is one thing, but installing, managing and maintaining them in a scalable and secure way is another. Until now, TP Vision’s screens needed manual interaction for these tasks, a time-consuming and costly affair. The need for a centralised, remote-controlled system became apparent. TP Vision realised they needed to shift from manufacturing hardware towards providing a total display solution.

02 — Solution

Building a cloud solution

Together with TP Vision, our strategists and solution architects defined a North Star: creating more efficient ways to install, integrate, use, control, monitor and service their displays. Connecting thousands of displays and controlling them remotely? Sounds like a job for a cloud platform.

We identified a centralised cloud platform that was capable of remotely controlling a multitude of devices as the most cost-effective solution. From a strategic point of view, the platform would create new value propositions and ecosystem opportunities for our customer and their partners. From the client-facing point of view, TP Vision’s products would become easier to use and control, making them more attractive to customers. Two birds, one stone.

03 — Approach

API-first approach

Our in-house all star team got to the drawing table and started sketching up a feasible solution. The key to the platform was our API-first approach. This approach would allow us to compose and extend the solution, specifically catered to the needs of the client, the customers and their partners.

API-first development ensures that all of the functionalities inside the platform are easily accessible to the client through the API. It starts from the idea that the end product will be consumed by client applications. Applications that are developed in-house or by third parties. This requires that those APIs need to be consistent, reusable and well documented.

Our cloud architects and developers built this platform from the ground up, continuously testing and validating in TP Vision’s fleet of test displays. Collaborating closely with each other, the team managed to deliver an end-to-end MVP version of the platform in just three months.

“In The Pocket not only told us what we
wanted to hear, but also told us what
we needed to hear. They know how to ask
the right questions.”
- Siân Rees - International product manager

04 — Outcome

WAVE Platform

Together with the people at TP Vision, we transformed their hardware-centric business into an organisation that provides full display solutions, enabled by a cloud software platform. The WAVE platform provides our client, their customers and their partners with a central portal that enables them to control and manage their displays, saving them significant time and money. This is only the first step, as we’re looking into growing the ecosystem and claiming pole-position in the market.

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