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Innovating the self-installation process in Augmented Reality

Digital Business Strategy
Software Engineering

A lot of Telenet customers prefer to install their Digicorder themselves, but for some it turns out to be quite a challenge. What does an HDMI-cable look like? And where do you plug it into your Digicorder? Telenet wanted to find an innovative and intuitive solution to self-installation problems.

Augmented Reality seemed like the perfect candidate, as it has the amazing ability to enter the user’s world and simply show them what to do. But for Telenet, AR was unknown territory. That’s why they joined forces with In The Pocket to create the first AR experience for their customers.

The results

We provided Telenet with a fast and low-cost solution to find out whether their idea was viable. As expected, AR turned out to be a great asset.

So who knows, maybe you’ll be using Telenet’s AR app yourself soon. Or maybe newly hired Telenet technicians will even be using a similar AR app for professional use. Why not?

Our approach


We started by identifying the AR-opportunities to solve Telenet's self-installation problem. The most viable opportunity becomes the challenge for the rest of the sprint.



We developed a working prototype of the app with ARKit, Apple's framework for augmented reality apps. Regular demos and feedback moments gave us the agility to improve as we went on.


Testing and validating

We invited different users to try out the prototype and see if the goal (making self-installation easy and pleasant) was reached.

Testing and validating

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