An AR tool to take Smeg's sales process to the next level

Software Engineering

How can you show your product to customers when they’re not able to see it in real life? It's a question many companies are struggling with - and the Italian kitchen appliance manufacturer Smeg is one of them. With the help of AR we have succeeded in taking their sales process to a higher level.

You used to find Smeg at trade fairs such as Batibouw, where they presented the latest ovens and refrigerators. The company wants to invest more and more in a digital approach and, together with In The Pocket, developed an AR application that allows their network of kitchen vendors to show various Smeg appliances. Normally these vendors only had a few devices in the showroom, now AR allows them to present all models. This application has already been rolled out to the end users too. 

“The past few weeks have changed the concept of our application. What was primarily intended as a B2B tool is now already available to end users too. Being able to pivot so quickly is certainly one of the strengths of In The Pocket."
Gert Fluyt, General Manager Smeg

In theory this works fine, but in practice there was an extra challenge popping up: many kitchens consist of white or high-gloss material, which makes AR mapping difficult because there are no feature points.

We were able to solve this problem by using AR technology in a smart way: as soon as one feature point is found, the entire surface is taken over.

Now available in the App Store and Google Play

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