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Every month, millions of employees get in touch with one of the digital tools of the Belgian HR service provider SD Worx. Whether it’s to check their payslips, book days off or file expenses: SD Worx has them covered.

Back in the sixties, SD Worx was the first payroll company to embrace technology. They continued to grow through innovations, and we’re proud to have contributed to one of these: the mobile application of their Digital Assistant.

This assistant is often described as ‘the smart HR-righthand for employees’ and it aims to smoothen the personal administration. Until now, this is done through a myriad of tools and devices that don’t always communicate with each other. Resulting in loss of time and errors. That’s why SD Worx and In The Pocket created a digital assistant that lets workers easily manage their HR administration digitally.

In The Pocket took care of the design and technical development of the Digital Assistant. Together with the team at SD Worx we developed an application which is available for iOS and Android. With this application users can view their payslips, but do a whole lot more too. Every function can be started via a traditional graphical user interface and via a conversation flow in which users chat with the Digital Assistant in a more natural way.

There is for example a news feed for company updates. In this way the messages from the HR department are centralized and easy to find back, while they otherwise would easily get lost in people’s mail. Another interesting feature of the application that's currently in development is the expense module. By taking photos of receipts, employees can send them to their employer thanks to the integration with third-party expense modules.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is the one to request absences. The assistant acts as the employee’s “second brain” by proactively making suggestions, for example to set an out-of-office message. Thanks to the integration with Microsoft 365, the Digital Assistant can immediately propose to cancel planned meetings or convert them to a Skype Call.

The Digital Assistant of SD Worx is currently available as an application and as a bot on the website, but will appear on more channels in the future.

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