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Imagine looking through the walls of your building and spotting any malfunctioning installations in the blink of an eye. Together with Savaco, Vandemoortele & Ingenium, we made that happen. By creating the BIMVisible app, we leveraged the power of AR to make building management a lot more straightforward.


When it comes to building management, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Quite literally. Every building, big or small, hides some complex technical installations behind their walls and ceilings. Whenever one of these installations malfunctions, a building manager relies on BIM, or Building Information Modelling, to detect, localise and solve the problem. But what if instead of consulting these models, you could actually see them in real-time and in the live location?


That’s exactly why we developed the BIMVisible app along with Savaco, Vandemoortele & Ingenium. The application literally adds the BIM layer on top of the building and reveals what’s behind the walls using Augmented Reality. Thanks to sensor technology connected with the technical installations, the app also reveals the real-time status of every connected device in the building.


Building the app wasn’t possible without Ingenium and Savaco, who provided us with the technical models, and Vandemoortele, who asked us to test this solution on their buildings. The AR experts at In The Pocket got cracking and quickly designed, developed and delivered their solution. The test case in the Food Experience Center of Vandemoortele was a big success and unveiled the potential of AR in complex building management.


Essentially, the BIMVisible app gives you the opportunity to view the blueprint of your building on top of reality. So whenever a problem pops up, the building manager can simply open up the app, detect the problem, localise it and fix it. A huge time- and money saver when it comes to building management.

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