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ENGIE moves as Belgium’s biggest commodity provider towards a sustainable, trusted partner relationship with its customers. Innovation goes hand in hand with premium service at ENGIE, so with the help and expertise of In The Pocket, they released a mobile app that brings energy insights based on digital meter data, including solar power, to their customer base.

The Short Story

  • Challenge: giving customers insight into their energy usage, and enabling them to act on it
  • Solution: building a mobile app that empowers users to analyse, adapt and improve their energy usage and payment plans
  • Approach: connecting digital meters to an app to bring precise information to the customer
  • Outcome: bringing energy insights to the user, helping them minimise their energy consumption and costs

The Challenge

Consciously dealing with energy starts with insights into your energy consumption and production. With digital meters making their way into every household, a goldmine of useful data becomes available. ENGIE wants its customers to reap the benefits of this growing stack of data, killing two birds with one stone.

On one hand, they aim to empower their customers with these insights, so they can analyse, adapt and optimise their energy consumption and production. On the other hand, this allows for much more efficient use of energy on a large scale, thus contributing to a greener, more sustainable society.

To deliver these insights to their customers, ENGIE came knocking at In The Pocket’s door to collaborate on bringing it all together in one mobile app.

The Solution

Building groundbreaking apps is our bread and butter. Together with ENGIE, we filtered down the essentials of their customer-empowering app. The ambition was crystal clear: delivering an app that neatly presents historical and real-time energy insights to the user.

Creating an app is one thing, integrating the data another. The data from Fluvius and their roll-out of digital meters are key to the success of ENGIE’s application. With these digital meters and the energy data visualised in the ENGIE Smart app, there will be no more checking the little numbers on your analogue meter from time to time, only to realise at the end of the year that you’ve paid too little and can expect an astronomical bill that hurts your wallet. 

The upcoming digital meters are the most reliable source for precise data of every household’s energy usage. Pop open the app, and it immediately opens a dashboard overview. In the blink of an eye, users see if their energy consumption is as expected or showing irregular behaviour.

Using more energy than normal? Or are your monthly payments too high/low? The dashboard immediately notifies you, gives you detailed graphs and numbers, offers the option to adapt and pushes recommendations for smarter energy usage in the near future.

The Approach

As time-to-market is critical, we chose to build the mobile app in Flutter, ensuring compatibility on both Android & iOS devices. Busy as always, we were working simultaneously on three other fronts as well:

  1. Aligning with the developers and architects at ENGIE for building the backend
  2. Creating the pairing process of the real-time dongle, a piece of additional hardware which is plugged into your digital meter
  3. Integrating the authentication provider for the mobile app

The non-real-time data, delivered by Fluvius through a mandate given by the user, was also facilitated in the app activation process.

When building an application, UX hovers over every step of the way. Although we could base ourselves on a similar Dutch version of the app to some extent, we decided to revamp the screens and give them a new fresh layer of design to provide the most comfortable experience for every user.

It’s written on the palm of our hands: never trust assumptions, always validate them. To roll out the ENGIE app, we planned a detailed and phased go-live. Every button, every function and every screen were tested and reviewed by different user panels to get honest feedback & make the necessary adaptations for the best UX.

The Outcome

Together with ENGIE, we’ve built the first tangible step towards more insight-driven energy consumption and production. The ENGIE Smart app empowers users to analyse, adapt and optimise their energy consumption and take action if needed.

Looking beyond the app, ENGIE takes up a leading role in how customers & providers can work towards a more sustainable, climate-neutral future and get more involved in their energy consumption and optimization.

Make the best of your energy and easily download the ENGIE Smart app for Android or iOS.

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