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Cinionic, the joint venture of Barco, is transforming cinemas by providing comprehensive WOW entertainment solutions to movie exhibitors across the globe. They contacted us last year to develop a marketing support app for the Barco Series 4, their new laser 4K projector for cinemas.

This next generation of projectors will deliver an unmatched cinema experience for moviegoers today, future-proofed for tomorrow; leveraging 4K, RGB-laser, as well as being ready for 4K 120fps high frame rate, high-dynamic-range (HDR) and wide-color-gamut capabilities.

Thanks to our rich experience in technology, we were able to convince Cioninic that we could support them in creating exceptional experiences across the entire theater, to provide visitors compelling and future-proof cinema experiences.

In The Pocket's technical and UX experience formed a perfect addition to Cinionic’s input around the needs of the market. The AR application is more than just a gimmick. It is a crucial part of how we will launch the product in the coming months.
Tom Bert - Sr. Product Manager Digital Cinema

We developed an ARKit-based app that brings the projector, its unique selling points and headline features to life in augmented reality. The app visualizes the Series 4 in the user’s environment and lets the user peek inside to see the various components and how they work together. The basis for the experience is either a virtual Series 4, or the real product itself using object recognition.

According to Cinionic, this was the most important product launch in cinemas in over 10 years.

The app was being showcased at CinemaCon in Las Vegas as part of the global launch of the Series 4. This way, attendees can become immersed in the impressive images, compatibility and green efficiencies that this future-proof platform provides.

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Watch our 'AR on speed' webinar

Thanks to the LiDAR scanner in the iPad Pro -and soon also in the new iPhones- the world around us really takes on significance. Discover the potential of AR in sales enablement by watching our 'AR on speed' webinar.

Watch our 'AR on speed' webinar

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