An AR application to discover the luxury of BMW

Software Engineering

How do you promote a series of cars when the competition is though? It’s a question we had to answer when we joined forces with the advertising agency AIR and their client BMW, who wanted to promote the launch of the BMW 3 Series.

We developed an augmented reality application that allows visitors to “place the dashboard of a BMW 3 Series on their own dashboard”. To keep the tool as accessible as possible, we made sure visitors don’t have to download a separate application to get started with the AR. There are different options to develop an application like this one, but we used Spark AR Studio, a tool by Facebook.

The application not only shows the dashboard of a BMW 3 Series, but also information about the vehicle. When users click on one of the hotspots - which are behind the steering wheel, among other things - windows with extra information will pop up.

One of the most important issues we had to deal with, was making the application lightweight and fast enough, while assuring that the images are qualitative enough to emphasize the luxury of BMW. We achieved this by combining multiple images in one texture and optimizing the 3D Model by removing unnecessary edge loops.

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