Banking apps: what users want

What 200 users tell us about the perfect mobile banking app

Let’s get it straight from the start: no agency, company or digital guru can tell you what your mobile banking app should or shouldn’t look like. The only one that holds the truth, is your user.

User research is crucial to offer a top-notch mobile experience, and there’s a lot of ways to conduct it. A methodology that we’re particularly fond of is Kano, a resourceful way to identify the basic needs of customers, as well as performance and excitement requirements.  Conducting a Kano survey is our go-to tool to validate what your user loves, hates and craves in your mobile banking app.

For this whitepaper, we’ve conducted a Kano Survey specifically for mobile banking apps among 200 participants between 25-65 years old in the Belgian market. This methodology is a quantitative research method where we describe each potential feature - in this case, banking app features - and ask users three questions:  

  • How would you feel if this feature was included in your banking app?
  • How would you feel if this feature WASN’T included in your banking app?
  • How important is this feature to you?

So what should a mobile banking app really look like? Let’s dive into 8 takeaways that might surprise you.

Banking apps: what users want

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