We build scalable digital platforms using state-of-the-art cloud solutions.

Why Backend

In The Pocket helps your business to respond faster and smarter by creating Cloud Native applications with speed and scalability in mind. Intelligent migration of your infrastructure and applications to the cloud has many advantages.

Total cost of ownership

We don’t just write the code, we also help you decide which specific workloads and applications need to be migrated and which should be cloud optimized for a healthy ROI.


Cloud technology gives you the possibility to scale your applications on-demand and then reduce them back automatically when the load reduces.


You don’t have to be concerned about risky and aging infrastructure or understaffed network teams anymore.


The ability to run cloud solutions on a global scale, across multiple regions and data centers, delivering unparalleled performance anywhere in the world.

Faster shipping

Cloud providers abstract away the nasty bits of managing resources. The APIs fit in perfectly with CI/CD systems, enabling developers to build and ship applications faster.
The combination of the great minds and services of In The Pocket with the Enterprise cloud technology will accelerate the digital transformation of Belgian companies. We have been working with In The Pocket for some time now and we are confident this mutual decision will accelerate our joint business
Edward Boute, Head of Google Cloud Belux

We tackle complex problems

Backend Architecture & Strategy

Simply swapping out your bare-metal servers for virtualized servers in the cloud isn’t a real strategy. Aligning your business objectives with a modern microservices architecture is the bedrock of a successful cloud migration strategy.

Our team of Solution Architects and Strategists, can translate your company’s objectives into an optimized microservices architecture and roadmap strategy in no time. By applying the highest standards and best-practices to your future cloud solutions, they will maximize your ROI.

Custom APIs & Back-ends

We offer a range of API Management products tailored to your needs. APIs are the fuel of our digital ecosystems and they have grown significantly over the last couple of years. That’s why API Management is so important to keep the API ecosystem streamlined

Cloud Native Development

Cloud Native development is the art of building and running applications on an architecture that takes full advantage of modern cloud infrastructure technology.

We're proud of having embraced open source, as it allows us to offer the most flexible products to our customers. We make use of vendor-neutral software components supported by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation like Kubernetes, Prometheus, Helm and gRPC, just to name a few.

Cloud Platform Choice

Creating the right solution architecture, starts with choosing the right platform. Depending on your business requirements, we help to choose the most suited platform: Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

Each platform has its own specific capabilities and out-of-the-box native cloud components. Our team of cloud & microservices experts know all the ins and outs and can perfectly help you identify which platform will benefit your business the most. They’ll go on and apply the best practices to your cloud architecture and applications.

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Every day, we learn new things. As knowledge sharing is one of our most important values, we're often taking the time to write blog posts in which we reflect upon the endless possibilities of cloud computing.

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