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Quality Academy

We’re hiring! In The Pocket is looking to expand the team with gifted Quality Engineers. Are you someone who knows that the devil is in the details and that quality and class are paramount when shipping products to millions of users? Read on, because you might become our next Quality Assurance Engineer. Oh, and did we mention that no previous experience is needed?

As a Quality Engineer, we're the eagle-eyed contractor on the construction site. From a vantage point, we overlook the whole process and try to prevent or reveal any visible and hidden defects.
Kim Van Zele - QA Engineer at In The Pocket since July 2017
I have a less technical background, but thanks to the great product manager and developers in my team, I gave the most complete picture of the app we're making and that's pretty cool.
Floor Dupont, new QA Engineer


Then look no further and get ready to kickstart your career at
In The Pocket. We’re so thrilled to meet you.