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We looked forward to reboot the world

Thomas Smolders
Resident Writer

Over the last weeks, we had a look at what's next. Moving forward in uncertain times isn't always easy, but we're here to help. In a series of six webinars, we explored how emerging technologies will impact certain industries. In case you missed the talks, you can now rewatch them! Our hosts explain you why you should watch their webinar:

Part I: Reboot your business by Business Strategist Greet Bontinck

Why you should watch: ‘The new reality of a global pandemic with continued social distancing and quarantine measures has been a catalyst for rapid change. This requires companies to reassess their strategic direction. If you ask economists, business newspapers and LinkedIn gurus, ‘digital transformation’ seems to be the only route forward. But what does this mean and where to get started? Watch my webinar to learn more about the ‘secret sauce’ of organisations that are successfully dealing with the current crisis, and get inspired on how to only survive but thrive in the post-pandemic reality.’

Watch the webinar

Part II: Reboot the organisation by Tribe Lead Robert Stöhr

Why you should watch: ‘Risk, complexity and uncertainty: together they form a dangerous volatile cocktail. But they also create opportunities, as Churchill would say: never waste a good crisis. Recognising these opportunities and positioning your business in such a way that you benefit from volatility is what antifragility is all about. During my webinar, I gave a brief introduction and highlight best practices through concrete examples. Watch and learn what choices make your business more antifragile.’

Watch the webinar

Part III: Panel discussion Reboot the roadmap

Why you should watch: We hosted a panel discussion that focused on future-proof businesses, moderated by our CEO Jeroen Lemaire. Nathalie Vandepeute (CEO Bancontact Payconiq Company) and Joris Van Der Gucht (CEO Silverfin) were part of this interesting discussion!

Watch the panel discussion

Part IV: Reboot the interface by Product Manager Stephanie Depuydt

Why you should watch: ‘Crises are catalysts for change. The global Covid-19 crisis is no exception and has rapidly changed our behavior. For example, today people are more aware of the health impact of all the touches that people do every day. Interfaces that organizations place in the world are also part of that behaviour. Organizations can take a leap forward and better protect their customers by introducing touchless technologies. But which technologies can you use today? And how do you determine which of these will really increase your customers' sense of security and bring value? I addressed these questions and more during my webinar.’

Watch the webinar

Part V: Reboot the industry by Machine Learning Engineer Ward Van Driessche

Why you should watch: ‘Often you only notice that a phase of an evolution is over when the next one arrives. History doesn’t run in clearly defined periods - after a while you just notice that there are suddenly a lot of new changes. The same is happening in the history of the manufacturing industry, where new innovations are always the catalyst of upheavals. The development of cloud computing, IoT, big data and machine learning are changing the world as we know it. Most industries are investing heavily in making the jump towards industry 4.0. In this webinar I tell you why we believe this is so important and how your company can take its first steps into doing so itself.’

Watch the webinar

Part VI: Reboot the virtual world by AR Team Lead Thijs Morlion

Why you should watch: ‘We’re nearing the end of the mobile era. New hardware and software updates are slowing down and are adding less value to the devices. Something new is growing. We can see numerous signs happening in the market. All big tech companies are betting on augmented reality to lead a new era of technological advancements. A couple of months ago, Apple released their iPad Pro with a LiDAR scanner included. It the first step in a major strategy they are rolling out. Do you want to know more about the why and the what of Apple’s take on AR? Seek no more and watch my webinar about AR on Speed.’

Watch the webinar

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