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Sofico and In The Pocket introduce Miles Mobile.Next

Marie Martens
Marketing Manager

In The Pocket and Sofico are presenting Miles Mobile.Next today at the Miles Customer Forum in Ghent. Sofico specializes in software solutions for automotive finance, leasing, fleet and mobility management and its main solution is Miles. As a complete solution, Miles supports all complex business processes and activities focussing on delivering the best functionality for leasing industry-specific issues to back and front office users.

By joining in an alliance with In The Pocket and launching a self-servicing platform for mobility users, Sofico now offers a fully integrated experience on any device.

The Miles Mobile.Next Platform, made by In The Pocket

In The Pocket developed Miles Mobile.Next for Sofico. The Miles Mobile.Next platform is connected to your Miles software and makes important fleet management and leasing information available to company car drivers on their mobile device. Miles Mobile.Next is a white-labeled product, which means that leasing companies can offer the tool to their customers and drivers, customized to their own branding, and with the functionalities that suit their specific needs.

The different screens and functions of the 'Miles Mobile.Next' app

What does Miles Mobile.Next do?

Miles Mobile.Next brings powerful features to lease drivers and mobility users:

  • Handy on-the-road features, like finding nearby fuel stations (for your fuel card) and parking, registering professional expenses and trips, etc.
  • Getting reminders for maintenance and tire changes, and being able to directly book an appointment.
  • Reporting an incident (breakdown, accident) easily (and by adding pictures), getting help and doing follow-up.
  • Communicating with your fleet manager and/or lease company (ranging from support questions, speed tickets, invoices, …).
  • Everything related to their lease contract (pre-contractual practicalities, mileage, forecasts, end-of-contract takeover, etc.)

It caters to all kinds of mobility users: fleet drivers, private lease customers, and general mobility users (by supporting mobility budgets and ride-sharing).

About Sofico

Sofico is the world’s leading supplier of mission critical software solutions for automotive financing leasing and fleet companies and its software is used by a broad range of renowned leasing companies all over the world.

Sofico was founded in 1988 in Ghent, Belgium and has 29 years’ experience and business expertise in the automotive finance, leasing, fleet and mobility management industry. It is privately owned, independent and currently employs 230 people. The company has installed its systems in more than 20 countries worldwide, managing more than 1,500,000 vehicles globally.

About In The Pocket

As a digital product studio, In The Pocket develops digital products that make people happy and businesses grow. The Ghent-based company designs and builds innovative digital solutions that include product strategy and design, mobile and web applications as well as Internet of Things and virtual & augmented reality applications.                                                                                        

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