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Sales enablement with AR

Thomas Smolders
Resident Writer

Business development can be challenging, as you have to persuade buyers your product is worth the money. An often-heard advice to tackle this problem is to let them experience it, because people buy what they understand. In the last months, we’ve helped numerous companies by implementing augmented reality in their sales strategy.

With Augmented Reality, your customers experience products in a whole new way and the added value is proven immediately. The interactive 3D experiences increase customer engagement and understanding, and by doing so, it will drive your sales.

Cinionic, the joint venture of Barco producing laser 4K projector for cinemas, realized that product images and descriptions in a brochure can’t tell the full story. To announce its Series 4 projectors at CinemaCon in Las Vegas,  we developed an ARKit-based app that brings the projector, its unique selling points and headline features to life in augmented reality. The app visualizes the Series 4 in the user’s environment and lets the user peek inside to see the various components and how they work together. The basis for the experience is either a virtual Series 4, or the real product itself using object recognition.

Thanks to the interactiveness of the application, hidden features and processes come to live when your buyers and stakeholders click on them. A similar tool for a different client is the HoloLens application we’ve developed for Groupe ADP. The international airport operator based in Paris needed a way to visualize the existing airports in 3D, highlight the upcoming expansion of the airports and show key information about the different parts of the airports to its stakeholders.

The result is a HoloLens-native application that lets the user interact with and literally walk around in holographic 3D models of the airports. It can be used wherever the stakeholders want to use it, because they’re no longer tied to a physical product. The application allows them to get a detailed view of the airports, without any limitations.

If you want to discover more about how AR can help your business development, we can recommend our Roadmap to AR. It’s a fast-paced & hands-on track, tailored specifically to discover opportunities and use cases in the exciting world of Augmented Reality.

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