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Didid and In The Pocket help you to realize your dreams

Thomas Smolders
Resident Writer

We all have dreams: big or small, near or far. Too often though, our dreams remain mere dreams. They remain on the drawing board of our imagination, vague ideas, without a plan, without a budget never turning into concrete projects. Does this mean we should simply stop dreaming? No, not when you have Didid, an application by BNP Paribas Fortis.

Didid allows everyone to tailor their dreams carefully and more importantly: realize them. How? Just download the app, plan a dream or dreams, define a budget and you’re on your way. Follow the evolution of your budget step by step, day by day. You can even enhance your dream/dreams by adding unlimited inspirations found online or from friends. You can design, plan, budget, share and ultimately realize dreams all in the interactive Didid app. In The Pocket is responsible for the design, development, and growth of the application.

Share your dreams

Didid users can choose to keep their dreams to themselves or share them. Initial testing of the app indicated that more than 80% of the users wanted to share their dreams with the other users on the Didid platform. There’s a whole community of fellow dreamers waiting to inspire each other. Didid is an ecosystem that connects dreamers intuitively, playfully and effortlessly.

Connect your bank account

Savings (or a lack thereof) is often what distinguishes a dream from a realized project. To help you achieve your ambitions, your dreams, you can safely link a bank account to your Didid profile. The dream then becomes tangible by following the evolution of your savings one step at a time as you actively save via the Didid app. Didid is one of the first Belgian companies to make use of an essential change in European legislation (PSD2 guideline) and has been granted a license by the National Bank of Belgium to link bank accounts (BNP Paribas, Fintro and Hello bank!) to the app.

Make sponsorship easy

In addition to the app, the website of Didid allows friends and family to give dreamers a financial boost through sponsoring. They can directly support a dream. Forget writing wedding or birth lists, simply share your dream and you can wave goodbye to all those impersonal vouchers or even worse: those birthday socks.

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