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Artificial Intelligence for life

Thomas Smolders
Resident Writer

Every year the Flemish public broadcaster VRT organizes ‘De Warmste Week’, a fund drive to help thousands of worthy causes. This year we donated 2000 euro to Make A Wish by making postcards with the help of artificial intelligence.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but most of the cards you’ll receive in the next days probably aren’t that wonderful. Some cards are so bizarre that you wonder who the hell created them. In our case, the answer is: artificial intelligence.

That’s right, we let technology create a set of gift cards, which our clients and friends can use all year long to celebrate birthdays, weddings and other major achievements. Algoho-ho-ho-rithms!

We used software to generate shapes based on In The Pocket’s branding and artwork, after which we used to algorithm to see if he could recognize something meaningful in our creation based on the subjects this model was trained on. Our process was divided into three steps:

  1. We started by collecting input. Which images from our branding represent In The Pocket? In the beginning, we mainly focused on graphic elements, but we also gathered the colors of our corporate identity.
  2. The algorithm started using these forms to generate new images at random.
  3. In the meantime, image recognition software started to inspect the output. The algorithm went looking for some forms - an ambulance, a street sign, a compass, a candle… - and only saved the creations the algorithm spotted as a real object.. We used a image recognition model for this task, which is already capable of 1000 different objects found in real life.You can interpret that broadly, as it’s often not clear why a certain form is recognized as a certain object, but the resulting images are definitely interesting.

The result is a set of five postcards that we sent to clients and sold for ‘De Warmste Week’. By doing that, we raised 2000 euro for Make A Wish!

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