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AI The Game at Data Innovation Summit

Kenny Helsens
Artificial Intelligence Lead

How do you plan to apply artificial intelligence in your department next year? We kick-off most of our AI workshops with this seemingly simple question, which assumes that you should have a plan by now. We also asked this question last month when AI4Belgium, DigitYser, and Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) organized the 2019 Data Innovation Summit in Brussels. Forty speakers took the stage during this event, divided over 7 tracks including 12 masterclasses and 12 workshops. In The Pocket was asked to give an AI workshop, so we took the opportunity to challenge the participants to come up with innovative AI ideas by playing our card game ‘AI The Game’.

A group of 35 attendees with varying backgrounds were split into seven small groups, that each played one round of ‘AI The Game’. First, the smaller groups agreed on a company they would all be part of for the next 45 minutes. Then, each player came up with an AI use case for with the cards they got. These cards consist of a perspective or role they play within this company, three machine learning technologies, and a stack of value cards that players can use to defend their idea. They then had to pitch their idea to one another and select the group idea they want to use to pitch to the other teams.

Kenny instructing participants how 'AI The Game' works at their workspot

These are the use cases the groups came up with

Zalando - Image Generation (Winning Idea!)

‘As, Zalando, we want to be able to generate images of how an outfit would look on the body of our users. This way, our users can approximately see how new clothes would fit with existing shoes or hair colors. This way, you can not only see if the style suits you, but also think green and avoid excess logistics.’

Bosch - Text understanding

‘As Bosch, let’s analyze the correspondence with customers and redirect communication to the right department. This analysis will improve response times, create a global understanding of recurring complaints, from which we can define actionable tasks to drive a better customer user experience.’

Procter & Gamble - Visual QC

‘As P&G, use deep-learning-based computer vision technology to support the quality control process of filling soap bottles in a manufacturing line.’

“Playing the AI card game proved to be the most energizing workshop of the day”

Colruyt - Semantic Understanding

‘As Colruyt, let’s create a semantic layer of all our products, from which we can optimize store layouts and better understand our customer profiles.’

Lego - 3D image classification

‘As Lego, let our users take a picture of any object they like and generate a lego building plan that roughly approximates that object. This allows you to build custom creations and rebuild or recreate them based on the created plans.’

Spa - Text understanding & Churn prediction.

As Spa, analyze all communication with our customers, predict when and why a customer would stop buying Spa water and take concrete actions to improve customer and product experience.

Spotify - Churn prediction

As Spotify, we want to inspect user listening behavior to extend our current churn prediction models that predict when a user is likely to end his subscription. At that moment in time, make sure you have some excellent recommendations ready for that user to pull them back in!

The three types of cards in the game: 'Task', 'Value' & 'Perspective'

What’s in it for you?

As you can see, AI The Game is a fast solution to generate AI use cases that can help you in your role, or lead your organization towards implementing AI.

Now ask yourselves: How are you going to apply AI in your department next year? If that’s hard to define, let’s get in touch and play AI The Game with us. Inspiration guaranteed!

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Learn how to implement AI

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