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3 examples of how AR can shorten your sales cycle

Thomas Smolders
Resident Writer

Business development can be challenging, as you have to persuade buyers your product is worth the money. An often-heard advice to tackle this problem is to let them experience it, because people buy what they understand. In the last months, we’ve helped numerous companies by implementing augmented reality in their sales strategy.

With Augmented Reality, your customers experience products in a whole new way and the added value is proven immediately. You can give product demonstrations without transporting the product, or even place a digital (and customized) version of your product into your client's environment. The interactive 3D experiences increase customer engagement and understanding, and by doing so, it will drive your sales. Here are 3 examples of how AR can shorten your sales cycle!


The Italian kitchen appliance manufacturer Smeg wants to invest more and more in a digital approach and, together with In The Pocket, developed an AR application that allows their network of kitchen vendors to show various Smeg appliances. Normally these vendors only had a few devices in the showroom, now AR allows them to present all models. With the help of computer vision an object is recognized - in this case an oven or refrigerator - after which an extra layer in augmented reality appears.


Cinionic, the joint venture of Barco, is transforming cinemas by providing comprehensive WOW entertainment solutions to movie exhibitors across the globe. They were looking for a tool that could help sell Barco Series 4 at trade fairs.

We developed an ARKit-based app that brings the projector, its unique selling points and headline features to life in augmented reality. The app visualizes the Series 4 in the user’s environment and lets the user peek inside to see the various components and how they work together.

Van de Velde

Some things are easier to sell online than others. Ask Luxury lingerie manufacturer Van de Velde, for instance. In-store service and superior experiences are some of the companies’ main tenets, so it was important to translate those core values to a digital environment when we were asked to create an AR experience for Van de Velde. To improve both the in-store experience and the online shopping journey, Van de Velde came up with a two-pronged solution.

First, they enhanced select fitting room mirrors with scanners and smart technology to create a personalized experience using a unique body avatar. Then, In The Pocket created an AR app that allowed women to get an up close and personal 3D view of lingerie sets from the comfort of their living room.

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