Keep track of your suitcase with built-in Bluetooth devices

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Travellers spend their lives discovering new places and meeting new people from all around the world. It can be such a wonderful experience, but sometimes it can turn into a disaster when your luggage gets lost. In 2016 alone, more than 24 million pieces of baggage were lost. Fortunately, 95% of them were found and returned to their owners. However, that leaves more than 1 million items of baggage that have never been recovered.

Keep track of luggage and never lose it

Samsonite & In The Pocket introduced Track&Go, a product that addresses one of the traveler’s biggest frustrations: missing or lost luggage. How does it work? In short: suitcases with built-in Bluetooth devices will be easily traceable by their owners using the Travlr app.

How does it work?

Track&Go is a Samonite suitcase with a Bluetooth Low Energy beacon fixed inside. This beacon has to be registered by the owner through the Travlr app on a smartphone. Users can easily check the location of the suitcase within a distance of 70 meters and also be notified if it is being moved closer or further away from the user.

If the luggage goes missing, the owner can flag it as lost. After this, Travlr leverages its user base to help the owner find it. When other users come within 70m of the lost item (and have Bluetooth and location services enabled on their smartphone), the app picks up the luggage’s EID (Ephemeral ID), an encrypted signal which makes it impossible to track by third parties. This triggers a notification, which specifies the time and exact location of the suitcase, to be sent out only to the luggage’s registered owner. With this concept Samsonite reduces travel stress thanks to a community of app users that can assist each other in locating and retrieving missing suitcases.

Advantages of Track&Go

  • A reliable and secure solution
  • It's free. Both the tracking and notification process take place at no additional cost for the app users.
  • It's a worldwide solution.
  • Not dependant on GSM or GPS networks.

Facilitated by In The Pocket & Harald

The first concept suitcase was introduced on the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. As soon as the Track&Go suitcases hit the market, the Travlr app will be updated with the Track&Go function.

The Track&Go solution will be a cornerstone solution of Samsonite’s digital ecosystem, created by In The Pocket. Since technology is changing constantly, Samsonite and In The Pocket will continue the research and development of user-centered solutions and new technologies that help facilitate your travel experience.

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