Trigger live customer interactions with beacons

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Situated in the heart of Antwerp’s shopping center, at the Meir, thousands of people pass by the Proximus Center every day. Proximus wanted to find a way to get more customers in their stores and gain their attention. Beacons offered them a way to do so.

There are in total 10 beacons deployed spread over two Proximus stores in Antwerp. These beacons were custom made specially for the project, and precisely installed & calibrated by the Harald hardware team. When shoppers, who have the MyProximus app installed on their smartphone and have enabled Bluetooth, pass by or enter the store, the beacons are able to detect them. This triggers a message.

In the case of Proximus, their customer’s get a notification letting them know they can get a free gadget. Every two weeks the campaign changes along with the free gadgets. They started with handing out free selfie sticks, now they’re giving away bracelets. It’s Proximus themselves who are in charge of setting up their campaign. Thanks to the user friendliness of the Harald platform it’s easy for them to schedule new campaigns, have an overview of the current campaigns and the amount of interactions that have taken place.

Thanks to beacons Proximus is now able to trigger live interactions with their customers and get their attention in a more precise way. Want to know what beacons can mean for your company/brand? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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