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The media industry has been hit hard by disruption. Forward-thinking newspaper De Morgen knew that innovation was key in staying on top. They asked In The Pocket to build a constant companion for readers: a mobile app that offers news at the publics fingertips. Any place, any time.

We kept ease of use and visualization at the heart of our UX design, and the results are most pleasing. News articles are accompanied by large images, which make them easy to scroll through. Menu items are concise and relevant. Advanced content is neatly tucked behind a pay wall in the DM+ Select section of the app. Subscribers have a unique accessing point to their easily scannable, exclusive content.

'We knew In The Pocket was the right match for us because of their excellent track record and the successul apps they had already made for De Persgroep. We knew what we wanted, and we knew that In The Pocket could translate those wishes into the app we needed', our contacts at De Morgen say.


The iPhone and Android apps are a great addition to the paper version and the popular De Morgen website, creating a consistent cross-channel experience for De Morgen readers.

De Morgen has won the 2015 Merit Awards Medium of the year award, praising them for their innovative content approach. With a 4969-subscription increase, they are the fastest grower of digital subscriptions in Flanders. On average, 15000 people use the app each day.

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