The first large scale beacon setup in Belgium

Software Engineering

The Coca-Cola Visitors Center has been revamped and we were part of the team! In The Pocket, as the technical partner, in cooperation with Crenau International and Madoc helped creating a huge facelift for the European Visitors Center in Wilrijk.

Visitors are submerged into the world of Coca Cola and its production process. A tour with an educational touch and a lot of interaction was the perfect canvas for us to deploy the first large scale beacon setup in Belgium.

In The Pocket grasped the challenge to create an over-the-top experience for the young visitors with multiple ibeacon interactions throughout the tour. These tiny BLE devices can be found in every room of the Visitors Center.

Passing by a beacon triggers an event or an action in the custom built iPad application. Upon entering a room the application magically displays the right screens. The beacons are attached to specific parts of the walls to trigger unique events in the application. The Innovation Class alone hosts more than 20 beacons that track your position. The application then decides, based on a proximity algorithm, which beacon is nearby. The thin line between the physical and virtual world has become very thin thanks to the use of this new technology.

The tour in a nutshell

The tour takes off at the lockers where visitors can drop off their goods. Once the visitor has taken a selfie and has been assigned to one of the two High School teams the Coca-Cola experience can begin.
At this point the two teams go their own way and will meet at the end of the tour in a final quiz where they have to show off their knowledge. In sum the tour consists of 6 places where the visitor is provided a multisensory experience.

In the Gymnasium the visitors are tested with 10 questions about Coca-Cola. The guide triggers the quiz from a master application. Via a custom built server setup the visitor apps are notified about the quiz and the games are started. All of this happens near realtime and answers are registered so the scores can be displayed on the big score screens after the game.

In the Theatre Class the spotlight is directed on the history of Coca-Cola through a couple of engaging documentaries. The visitors are able to choose their favourite movie by previewing and selecting one of the trailers. By following the instructions on the iPad, a visitor is guided along the 4 walls of the Innovation Class which consists of 4 central themes around the Coca Cola drinks: flavor, water, sweet & be OK.

The Trophy Cabinet educates about the importance of recycling and eventually in the Talent Class visitors are presented a set of questions to explore which jobs at Coca-Cola fit best their talents.

Above all the tour is educational and brings the exhibition experience to the next level.

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