With Citie you carry the town in your backpocket

Software Engineering

Local retailers have a hard time following up with the latest digital trends. Aside from heavy competition by large chains they now also have to respond to e-commerce and omnichannel. Our client Digitopia stepped in and created a complete solution to get retailers ready for the connected world, and of course Harald was happy to help.

The game plan: all-in-one app

The Citie app combines various functions to make shopping more pleasant. Firstly, it will give you an overview  of the nearest parking spots and their occupancy. Would you prefer to park on the street? Perfect. Citie can be used to pay for street parking.

Citie shows you the opening hours of all local stores and can even be used to reserve products. Once in the store, Citie replaces all loyalty cards and offers extra Citie points, which can be exchanged for local goods and services.

Loyalty from your pocket

The most innovate part? In the store, you don't even have to take your phone out of your pocket, the Harald beacons do all the work.

We installed beacons in a total of 400 venues. These beacons monitor who enters and leaves the store. This means that every customer who has enables Bluetooth and has the Citie-app on his/her phone will be detected by the beacon and gets a ‘welcome’ message. But it doesn’t stop there. By using a webhook a detailed report or log is sent to the Citie server. The customer's name and shopping history will then automatically pop up on the merchant's screen. No scanning, no QR codes, maximum convenience. With the use of this technology, retailers can award points to customers without using physical loyalty cards.

The results

We installed beacons 400 beacons which trigger 500 beacon interactions per day. The click-through rate for push notifications (welcome message) varies between 20% and 40%.

Our approach

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