Augmented Reality

We shorten your sales cycle by 20% by adding AR to the buying experience.

Icon AR in Sales Enablement

Effectively bridge the skills gap

Recruiting people with the right skills can be hard - especially when your skilled employees are retiring. AR can improve your onboarding experience and on-the-job-training with the help of virtual assistants.
Icon AR in retail

Hack the retail experience

What’s the link between your brick and mortar store and your digital channels? In retail, AR will take your user experience to the next level by adding a virtual layer on top of our 3-dimensional world. We can help you by developing eye-catching product info, explainers and indoor wayfinding.
Icon AR in smart venues

Make venues smart

Thanks to indoor wayfinding, spatial anchoring and other features, AR has the potential to change the way we interact with buildings. It can, for instance, enable you to ‘see’ through walls so you’re able to know where the piping is located.
Icon AR in learning

Shorten your sales cycle

In sales, just like everywhere else, it’s all about ‘show, don’t tell’. AR can add value by giving a virtual view of your product and immediately demonstrating its value. We’re convinced that product configurators and explainers will, without doubt, elevate your buyer experience.

How to get started

AR Strategy

4 - 6 weeks

Interact with your users in a more visual and intuitive way. Get started for free

  • Pinpoint the most viable AR opportunity in a fast-paced track
  • Develop a working prototype
  • Test and validate with your end user

AR Solution Building

High velocity value creation

Discover the potential of AR for your business or product.

  • A cross-functional team that delivers business value in no time
  • Continuous development
  • Validation with end users

AR Feature Development

High velocity value creation

Build a high performing AR solution and decrease your time to market.

  • Discovery of AR potential
  • Integration of AR features
  • Validation with end users
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Our XR Tech Lead on stage of our annual Shift event.

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In The Pocket's technical and UX experience formed a perfect addition to Cinionic’s input around the needs of the market. The AR application is more than just a gimmick. It is a crucial part of how we will launch the product in the coming months.
Tom Bert, Director of Cinema Technology, Cinionic

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