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In The Pocket is on the lookout for software engineers who want to become the next authority in React Native. You’ll become a full-blown member of our team, and we’ll provide you with the people, resources and time to develop your React Native skills to master-like levels.


Do you fit the profile?

You have a basic understanding of what React Native is about. You have a first experience and are highly motivated to learn more. Working in a team of dedicated experts doesn’t scare you off and you’re thrilled to contribute to digital products that matter. You’re eager to learn and your curiosity for different technologies is unparalleled.

What do we have to offer?

With over a decade of experience in building the most complex digital products, you’ll be surrounded and supported by a team of experts. While you work on some of the most widespread and impactful digital products, you’ll receive the right onboarding, training and grow in your role as a React Native developer.

What can you expect?

We take the lead in designing and building with new technologies and share our passion and knowledge with as many people as possible. You’ll be welcomed in one of our multidisciplinary teams of dedicated experts where a skilled and seasoned mentor will guide you through your first weeks. Onboarding happens both company-wide as team- & project-specific, so you’ll receive continuous guidance and have unlimited access to all our internal sources.
“The close collaboration with my team was the greatest asset. I learned a lot quickly, got to put it in practice and always had a sparring partner for all of my questions.

Also, the cool part of React Native is that you can build on your knowledge of another code language, and still create native apps without really knowing the native code. After a while, you even start becoming a part of the React Native community by, for example, improving a public library.”
Jef Vandooren - React Native Developer at In The Pocket since November 2020

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Then look no further and get ready to kickstart your career atIn The Pocket. We’re so thrilled to meet you.